Piazza – A standard for all applications

Control panels of the Piazza series are simple and timeless in design. They can be mounted in 55 mm standard mounting boxes and offer a versatile operating concept with and without RGB status LEDs. Piazza control panels are available with 2, 4, 6 or 8 buttons.

Piazza 3GT is a push/turn switch for operating complex KNX functions such as colour or audio control.

Piazza Sense completes the series with functions for temperature and air quality control. An OLED display shows a wide range of information.

Piazza 3G Tune

Order no. 81513-03

Piazza 2

Order no. 81111-02

Piazza 2 RGB

Order no. 81113-02

Piazza 2 T

Order no. 81211-02

Piazza 2 RGB T

Order no. 81213-02

Piazza 4

Order no. 81111-04

Piazza 4 RGB

Order no. 81113-04

Piazza 4 T

Order no. 81211-04

Piazza 4 RGB T

Order no. 81213-04

Piazza 6

Order no. 81111-06

Piazza 6 RGB

Order no. 81113-06

Piazza 6 T

Order no. 81211-06

Piazza 6 RGB T

Order no. 81213-06

Piazza 8

Order no. 81111-08

Piazza 8 RGB

Order no. 81113-08

Piazza 8 T

Order no. 81211-08

Piazza 8 RGB T

Order no. 81213-08

Piazza Sense

Order no. 81471-00