µBrick blind/shutter actuators
– decentralised shading solution

µBrick are actuators for sun protection and shading. The small design allows decentralized installation in ceilings, floors or installation ducts, so that the installation effort can be significantly reduced. µBrick actuators with binary inputs additionally allow the connection of window contacts, potential-free switches and sensors. Independent of the function selection, status objects provide the current switching status or the position of the blinds or shutters. The firmware of the actuators can be updated using an update SD card if necessary. The additional functions that can be used independently of the inputs and outputs make µBrick switching actuators decentralized switching centers for all automation tasks in buildings.

µBrick s4

Order no. 72130-180-13

µBrick s6 X

Order no. 72130-180-14

µBrick s9

Order no. 72130-180-15