Piazza Sense

Order no. 81471-00
Dimensions (L x W x H) 55 / 55 / 37 mm

Universally applicable room controller for measuring room climate data and controlling the room climate on the basis of the recorded measurement data. In addition to the display of the room data in an OLED display, the user is offered a warning light (red, yellow, green) and an acoustic signal to inform about limit value states. The display can be operated via two capacitive keys. Control parameters can be set via a suitable KNX operating station. IPAS offers especially the push/turn button Piazza 3G Tune for the controller settings.

Piazza Sense determines various room data via the following sensors:
Room temperature internal: 0 - +50 °C, accuracy +/- 0.8 °C in the range 15 - 36 °C
Room temperature external: via KNX 
Rel. humidity: 0 - 100 %, accuracy +/- 6 % in the range of 15 - 35 °C
CO2: 0 - 40000 ppm, accuracy +/-40 ppm +5% in the range of 400 - 5000 ppm

Piazza Sense provides two control concepts, 2-point control and PI control.

Limit value behavior
Piazza Sense can be used as a limit indicator independently of the internal controllers.

Acoustic signal generator
Each limit value exceeded can trigger an acoustic signal.

The Piazza Sense OLED display can show different information. Three different display pages are available for displaying different information such as setpoints, actual values, operating modes, texts, alarms, time and date. Navigation to the different pages is possible via the capacitive keys.

Warning light
Colored LEDs are installed below the display. Limit values define the conditions for switching on the LEDs. The warning light can only be parameterized for CO2 measured value. If further limit values are to be monitored, acoustic warnings or display indications must be used.

Function of the warning light:
Green: The measured value is in an ideal range.
Yellow: The measured value is deteriorating. Attention Observe measured value.
Red: The measured value is in a range that may result in hazards. Action required.
Red and yellow: The measured value is improving, observe measurements.

Capacitive keys
Piazza Sense is conveniently operated via a KNX control panel. Piazza 3G Tune is perfectly adapted to the operation of Piazza Sense. However, Piazza can also be used for room use via scenes and time programs. In this context, KNX control elements are not necessary. Nevertheless, to enable basic functions such as calling up display pages or acknowledging alarms, the capacitive buttons can be used. The two capacitive buttons are located in the lower left and right corners and trigger their function by lightly touching the plastic surface in this area. The functions are defined by ETS parameters.

Piazza control panels are available in white, black and silver.
Material: plastic

Piazza control panels are installed in standard flush-mounted boxes or in cavity wall boxes (D=55mm).

IPAS operating panels consist of one unit and are supplied exclusively from the bus voltage. An additional supply voltage is not required.

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