Piazza 8 T

Order no. 81211-08
Dimensions (L x W x H) 55 / 55 / 37 mm

Piazza 8 T and Piazza 8 RGB-T complement the Piazza 8 and Piazza 8 RGB devices with the option of a connectable temperature sensor. The wired sensor with a plug connection (order no. 81971-00) is plugged onto the back of the device.

The ETS application is extended by the parameters for the temperature sensor. The connected and an external KNX sensor can be parameterized. Another object provides the weighted average value from both sensor values. The sensor values can be adjusted via offset parameters. In combination with the buttons, the Piazza 8 T represents a room control unit for the determination of the actual value, the setpoint adjustment and the room operating mode, which can, for example, serve as input variables for the Piazza Sense room controller.

Piazza control panels are available in white, black and silver.
Material: plastic

Piazza control panels are installed in standard flush-mounted boxes or in cavity wall boxes (D=55mm).

IPAS operating panels consist of one unit and are supplied exclusively from the bus voltage. An additional supply voltage is not required.

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