PowerBlock – Universal actuators for all switching tasks

PowerBlock actuators are designed for control cabinet installation on a 35 mm standard DIN rail. The range includes PowerBlock actuators with 4, 8 and 16 outputs as well as a combination with 6 potential-free inputs and 4 outputs. The application program is a pure ETS application without plugin or DCA. The firmware of the PowerBlock actuators can be updated at any time via SD card.

PowerBlock o8

Order no. 77024-180-01

PowerBlock o8 Multi

Order no. 77024-180-04

PowerBlock o16

Order no. 77024-180-02

PowerBlock o16 Multi

Order no. 77024-180-05

PowerBlock s4 DC

Order no. 77024-180-11

PowerBlock io64

Order no. 77024-180-03