BACnet Gateway - CB BNG

Order no. 3622-141-12
Dimensions (L x W x H) 90 / 71 / 58 mm

The BTL certified ComBridge BACnet gateway (CB BNG) is an interface between KNX and BACnet. The configured KNX communication objects are converted into BACnet objects and can therefore communicate with the BACnet world.

Type: KNX BACnet
Connection mode: 1xTunnel/1xObject Server
BACnet clients can either log in via a so-called COV subscription, in which case they are automatically informed about KNX events or they can use the ReadProperty-Service in order to query the status of an object, if and when required. Up to 250 objects can be configured.
1 Bit
1 Byte (0..100%)

1 Byte unsigned

1 Byte signed

2 Byte unsigned

2 Byte signed

2 Byte float

4 Byte unsigned

4 Byte signed
4 Byte float
ETS configuration
The device is configured exclusively with the ETS. No special BACnet knowledge is required for the commissioning process. The 'translation' of objects configured with the ETS into BACnet objects occurs automatically if the BACnet object instance number is identical to the object number in the ETS. Objects with a 1bit data type become "binary" objects, all others are converted into 'analogue' objects. The parameter "object mode" (INPUT, OUTPUT, VALUE) completes the conversion into a BACnet object.
Web server function
The ComBridge BACnet gateway is also equipped with a web server to display the current configuration and status on a website allowing the configuration and commissionig to be directly checked and tested.
Additional interface
In addition, the ComBridge BACnet gateway offers a KNXnet/IP interface so that it can be used as an interface for the ETS or other client software.
Pluggable terminal block to connect to the external voltage source AC/DC 24 V, bus connection via bus terminal, Ethernet connection via RJ45 plug, 4 DU DIN rail device.

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