Net Communication Interface - CB NCI

Order no. 3622-141-07-0B
Dimensions (L x W x H) 90 / 36 / 58 mm

ComBridge NCI (CB NCI) is the interface that connects the KNX installation bus with the IP network. CB NCI uses the standardized KNX protocol KNXnet/IP.

Type: KNX interface
Connection mode: 5xTunnel/1xObject Server

Programming interface
CB NCI supports 5 tunnel connections which can be used, for example, as ETS programming connections. Network parameters such as multicast address, IP address, subnet mask and standard gateway are programmed with the ETS.

Visualisation interface 
CB NCI also offers an object server connection which can be used for visualisation systems. Both connection types – tunnel and object server connection – can be used in parallel.
Web information
If you enter the IP address of the CB NCI as URL in a standard browser, the CB NCI web server shows the status of the connection.
Pluggable terminal block to connect to the external voltage source AC/DC 24 V, bus connection via bus terminal, ethernet connection via RJ45 plug, 2 DU DIN rail device.

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