IP Router Pro - CB IPR Pro

Order no. 3622-141-18
Dimensions (L x W x H) 90 / 18 / 60 mm

KNXnet/IP Router Protected with KNX Secure protocol. It connects bus lines or bus areas via an IP network and uses the standardized KNXnet/IP protocol. The device can be used as line, area or network coupler and enables the communication between KNX devices and PCs. Up to 8 tunnel connections are provided. The encrypted connection between PC and interface (security option) can be activated or deactivated in the ETS.

Connection mode: 8xTunnel; KNX Secure

We present: The new IP Router Pro

We protect your projects: The new IP Router Pro - now with KNX secure protocol

The new ComBridge IP Router Pro

Programming interface
KNX installations can be accessed remotely via connection with a LAN-modem or DSL Router. CB IPR Pro supports 8 tunnel connections which can be used, for example, as ETS programming connections. Network parameters such as multicast address, IP address, subnet mask and standard gateway are programmed with the ETS. Additional parameters define the rules for KNX group address filtering.

Visualisation interface
The CB IPR Pro Tunnel Connection can be used for visualisation systems.
Bus connection via bus terminal, Ethernet connection via RJ45 plug, 1 DU DIN rail device.

KNX Secure has been added to the KNX standard to protect KNX installations from unauthorised access. KNX Secure reliably prevents both eavesdropping on communication and manipulation of the installation.

The specification for KNX Secure distinguishes between KNX IP Secure and KNX Data Secure. KNX IP Secure protects the communication via IP while on KNX TP the communication remains unencrypted. Thus, KNX IP Secure can also be used in existing KNX installations and with non-secure KNX TP devices.

KNX Data Secure describes the encryption on telegram level. This means that the telegrams on the twisted pair bus are also encrypted.

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