Piazza 3G Tune

Order no. 81513-03
Dimensions (L x W x H) 55 / 55 / 37 mm

Piazza 3 GT implements an operating concept that makes complex coloured light control child's play with a push/turn control. Up to three groups can be selected via preselection buttons. An RGB status LED in each of the preselection buttons signals the active group. A fourth group enables intuitive operation of the Piazza Sense room temperature controller. The push/turn button is linked to 3 RGB status LEDs that can indicate both RGB statuses and colour temperature statuses. In addition to the standard functions, many other functions are possible for audio control in conjunction with the IPAS ComBridge Home Control Center, for operating the Piazza Sense room temperature controller or for controlling DALI DT8 luminaires.

The central operating element of Piazza 3 GT is the push/turn control. A short press on the push/turn control executes a switching function. The corresponding switching state is indicated by the middle RGB status LED. A longer push button action switches the operating mode. The active mode is indicated by the right or left RGB status LED. Turning the push/turn control causes the state to change in the active operating mode. In mode 1, for example, the brightness of a light can be adjusted by simply turning it. In mode 2, the colour temperature of a Tunable White luminaire can then be set via KNX data type 7.600 (absolute colour temperature), for example.

The hue of the set colour temperature is also indicated by the RGB status LED. If a colour is set in the mode via RGBW (data type 232.600) or HSV, the status of the mode LED corresponds to that of the set colour.

In addition, Piazza 3 GT can be used for audio control or, in conjunction with Piazza Sense, as a control station for the room temperature controller. In total, Piazza 3 GT can operate three groups via the push/turn control. A group is selected using one of the three selection buttons. The active group is indicated by the corresponding status LED in the preselection button. If an operating station, e.g. for Piazza Sense, is required, a fourth group can be parameterized for room operation. In this case, the selected group can be switched off by pressing the selection button. Now the push/turn control can execute the functions for room operation.

The following data point types are available to the user:

Standard functions
Switching: DPT 1.001 Switching
Dimming: DPT 3.007
Shutter: DPT 3.008
Set value: DPT 5.001, 5.003, 5.010

Colour control
HSV: DPT 5.003 Angle
RGB: DPT 232,600
Tunable White: 7.600

Climate control
Setpoint adjustment: DPT 9.001
Room operation mode: DPT 20.102
Presence: DPT 1.001

Audio control
Set value: DPT 5.010
Cycl. on/off: DPT 1.001
On/Off: DPT 1.001

Piazza control panels are available in white, black and silver.
Material: plastic

Piazza control panels are installed in standard flush-mounted boxes or in cavity wall boxes (D=55mm).

IPAS operating panels consist of one unit and are supplied exclusively from the bus voltage. An additional supply voltage is not required.

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