Largho X4

Order no. 60113-04
Dimensions (L x W x H) 80 / 80 / 33 mm

4-fold control panel for KNX switching functions including all-round RGB button illumination for status display and acoustic signal transmitter.

Largho variants
Largho X control panels are available with 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 buttons.
Largho RX control panels are available with 6, 8, 10 and 12 buttons.

Largho - KNX programming
The ETS application Largho X is the application for all KNX switching functions, such as switching, dimming, value setting, blinds and sun protection, scene recall, scene storage and much more. The acoustic signal generator can be linked to switch events or alarm events. Alarm events can also change the signal color of the status indicators and disable switching functions. The parameterization of the RGB status feedback allows the assignment of different colors and signal shapes such as "on", "off", "flashing" depending on KNX events.

The Largho RX ETS application supplements the Largho X application with the individual room controller function, OLED display control and other special functions. Largho RX control buttons have an integrated temperature sensor. The integrated complex PI controller uses the temperature reading as the actual value for temperature control. As with Largho SX, this temperature value can be calculated as a weighted average in conjunction with an external temperature value. The result can thus optimize the actual value of the room temperature. The PI controller is designed for heating and cooling. The internal setpoint is calculated from the current states of the room operating mode, setpoint shift and base setpoint. In addition, the 3-stage fan control can support climate control. Window states, limit values and other events can influence the controller result. The integrated OLED display can be parameterized individually. On up to three display pages, controller states such as room operating mode, actual values, setpoint shift, controller-independent sensor data, texts and graphic symbols can be displayed. Date and time received via the KNX bus can also be displayed. Constructively, a motion detector has been combined with the display. With adjustable dark values, the display and status indications can be reactivated from sleep mode by movement over the display area. Events can generate alarms that change either the color of the RGB status LEDs or the display design.

High-quality materials
Largho control panels are made of high-quality finished aluminium. The high quality of the material allows the surface to be finished in various "natural" anodised colours or a special powder coating in RAL colours or effect lacquers.

Largho variants
The buttons can be flat or slightly raised (height approx. 0.5 mm). In addition, the surface can be engraved individually according to the customer's specification.

All Largho control panels are connected exclusively to the KNX bus via the standard bus terminal. Additional voltages are not required.

For the installation of the Largho control panels, two wall mounting boxes are available, depending on the size, which are suitable for both flush mounting and cavity wall mounting.

The Largho X 1-, 2-, and 4-fold variants are mounted in a round 68 mm combined mounting box with mounting frame. The mounting frame is adjustable in the installation depth and can be rotated within a limited range. This allows plaster compensation of up to 17 mm and plumb compensation of up to approx. 20°.

Largho X and RX 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-fold are installed in a size-adjustable rectangular recessed wall box. This installation variant also allows plaster compensation of up to 20 mm.

All Largho control panels are pressed into the corresponding recessed wall box and held securely in place by spring force. This type of installation means that no further fastening elements, cover frames and surface openings or gaps are required, so that Largho control panels are almost flush with the wall with only 2 mm.

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