Barchetto 2 with LED

Order no. 61112-02
Dimensions (L x W x H) 130 / 40 / 37 mm

2-fold control panel for KNX switching functions and optional status LED.

Barchetto variants
Barchetto control panels are available in 2, 4 and 6 button versions.

Barchetto - KNX programming
The ETS application Barchetto is the application for all KNX switching functions like switching, dimming, value setting, shutter and sun protection, scene recall, scene storage and much more. The central status LED can signal a switching state or serve as an orientation LED.

High-quality materials
Barchetto control panels are made of high-quality finished aluminium. The high quality of the material allows the surface to be finished in various "natural" anodised colours or a special powder coating in RAL colours or effect lacquers.

Barchetto variants
The buttons can be flat or slightly raised (height approx. 0.5 mm). In addition, the surface can be engraved individually according to the customer's specification.

Barchetto control panels are connected exclusively to the KNX bus via the standard bus terminal. Additional voltages are not required.

Barchetto control panels are fixed in their installation cut-out by spring force. This type of mounting means that no further fastening elements, cover frames and surface openings or gaps are required, so that Barchetto control panels are almost flush with the wall with only 2 mm. This mounting method is suitable for furniture installation or installation in thin-walled materials such as door frames or aluminum profiles with a material thickness of 2 mm or more. For wall mounting, special galvanized sheet steel boxes are offered in which the Barchetto control panel is clipped in after installation.

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